Additional Resources

Ecopsychology-good introductory books:

Buzzell, L. (2009). Ecotherapy : healing with nature in mind. San Francisco ;[Berkeley  Calif.]: Sierra Club Books;;Distributed by Publishers Group West.

Roszak, T. (2001). The Voice of the Earth (2nd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Phanes Press.

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Shepard, P. (1982). Nature and madness. San Francisco, CA: Sierra Club Books.

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Gatherings - A Journal of Ecopsychology. (n.d.). Retrieved June 24, 2011, from


Green Yoga:

Cleveland, A. (n.d.). Health Insights Today - The Yoga of Caring for the Planet

Cornell, Laura Jean (2006).  Green Yoga: A collaborative inquiry among a group of Kripalu Yoga teachers. Ph.D. dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies, United States -- California. Retrieved July 14, 2011, from Dissertations & Theses: Full Text. (Publication No. AAT 3218518).

Cornell, L. (2011). Yoga for the Planet: Eight paths of Green Yoga for Yoga teachers and their students. Retrieved from 


Green Yoga Studies:


Wilderness Rites of Passage:


Deep Ecology:



Zimmerman, J., & Coyle, V. (2009). The way of council (2nd ed.). Las Vegas, NV: Bramble Books.



MacGregor, C. (2010). Partnering with nature: the wild path to reconnecting with the Earth (Original edition.). New York, NY: Atria Books/Beyond Words.

Sutton Chard, P. (1994). The healing earth: nature’s medicine for the troubled soul. Minnetonka, MN: Creative Publishing International.

Zimmerman, J., & Coyle, V. (2009). The way of council (2nd ed.). Las Vegas, NV: Bramble Books.


Hawaiian Traditions/Wisdom:

Polynesian Voyaging Society World Wide Voyage


Hawaii Message in the Waves (link is to part on1 but part 2-5 on the right hand side)


Manu Aluli Meyer on Hawaiian epistemology


Ramsay Taum:

Raising the Blue Continent:

Defining Hawaii:

On Sustainability:





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